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The Process

5 Simple Steps to Becoming an Intended Parent


You may register with Lane Fertility Institute Egg Bank on our website.  This will allow you to access our available egg donors.

2 – Consultation with LFI to ensure that you are a candidate for carrying a pregnancy.

We want to ensure that pregnancy is safe for you.  Since we do not ship our eggs to other clinics, we will evaluate you as a new patient of Lane Fertility Institute if you are not already our patient.  Some patients prefer to use a gestational surrogate, and this is also an option that we can assist you with.

3 – Select Your Donor Eggs

With access to both new donors and frozen eggs, there are many options to choose from.  We will work with you to find the best fit for your egg donor. Our unique package means that where your donor lives or whether the eggs are fresh or frozen will not affect your fees.

4 – Contract and Payment

Once you have selected your donor eggs, we will send you a contract and collect payment.  From here we will coordinate your cycle.

5Cycle and Retrieval or Egg Thaw

You will undergo your IVF and transfer cycles.  Congratulations!

Egg Donation Process